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Our entry into the Fort Tilden Field House Competition proposed a revised organizational system for the one-time fort, which took cues from the existing infrastructure, views, and the loose structure of fishing nets and dune landscapes.


This new organizational system is composed of three circulation systems; auto, bike and car. At the intersection of these systems, we proposed dispersing the required programs (sporting facilities, cafe, bathrooms, etc.) to allow for varied site experiences. Landscape is “turned up” at these locations to provide a variety of covered spaces and allow for the dual functioning of lookouts and sports bleachers on their roofs. four existing and varied landscape typologies (dune, grassland, sports field, and forest) are then re-dispersed on the site to allow for varied adjacencies and program support.


Armatures at varied heights and cadences follow the edges of the landscapes, collecting wind-blown soil, seeds, and detritus to build up a varied and time-altered landscape.


Completed as a collaboration with David Seiter of Future Green Studio


Architecture / Landscape Competition


Queens, NY



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