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By gently raising the landscape, the proposed design evokes a sense of enclosure and protection suited for the theme of the memorial. 


By connecting existing paths, a monument is created that complements the inherent movement of the site. The application of a geometric language to otherwise ordinary grass mounds allows for each facet to be materialized in parallel to the procession and program.


In the contemplative space, a mirrored surface is angled to reflect the sky above, offering a moment to pause on the embedded steps. This space allows the elements of nature to become collaged into one frame of view, with the park’s lake serving as the backdrop. 


The stone surfaces in the remembrance space encourage visitors to pay their respects by writing their memories with chalk onto the monument itself.


The ground treatment respectfully transitions from native grass, to pervious pavers, to gravel as if belonging to the land.  


As one experiences the space, views are directed upward toward the tree tops and sky by the mounds, which rise up six feet at their peaks, establishing enclosure without imposing on the surrounding park. The obtuse entries invite in the visitors and guide them through the memorial. 


The gesture of the project is subtle in nature but through materiality, it stands with permanence. It seems undoubtedly man-made but is simultaneously contextual and considerate.


Memorial / Landscape Competition


Orange County, CA



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